Cellular phone rental in Argentina, GSM
cell phones and satelite devices.
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Laptop and notebook rentals
Rent daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly art laptops generation for any type of need
alquiler telefonos celulares Buenos Aires
The latest equipments. Hewlet Packard and Toshiba equipments. Asus mini laptop.
Wi-fi for wireless connection for network and internet.
Pentium 4 / Core Duo with 512 / 1GB / 2 Gb RAM.
Equiped with LAN, DVD/CD, modem, CD writer, TV out, Windows XP, Microsoft Office,diskette drive, USB ports and audio.
The best prices on short term rentals. Daily, weekly or monthly rental.
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Buenos Aires, Esmeralda 909 3ºB.
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Córdoba: (0351) 15-5090640
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